Tuh Pa Warez

We have been active on Soundcloud for 12 years now. Since the first beta we supported this project. Unfortunately Soundcloud has changed a lot. Since there are no more groups SC feels like frozen. The advertising is more annoying than on Spotify – even though we pay for it! Our visitors are mostly good Friends. They know and like each other. Most of them, like on reverbnation, are also musicians. Many of you spend a lot of time and energy collecting likes and comments – but what for if no „real“ listeners come by? You work for soundcloud, many hours a month, pay for it and have to listen to their adds, too – That’s crazy!
Soundcloud has been offering a monetization similar to Spotify for a while now, when you become a pro-member. However, you need at least 1000 plays a month to participate and only a few reach that number.

We have compared the number of plays for some of our current tracks:

Cum Ex on SC 686 on Spotify 4131
Cum Cum on SC 393 on Spotify 3792
Farewell Fiji Islands on SC 2151 on Spotify 7944
Diversity Disappears on SC 3603 on Spotify 8309
Farmers on Fetanyl on SC 2252 on Spotify 7670

Please compare yourself: Tuh Pa Warez
(You will need the free player to see stats)

Our plan: We bring you all to Spotify – for free 🙂 
There you can see how much potential your tracks really have. You will automatically get your own account and can see how often you have been heard and how many follow you.

Normally that costs money, so we give you the opportunity to remix our tracks here. We then upload them to Spotify with you as featured artist and you’ll get a passive account there, which you can turn into an active one anytime you feel your tracks are well received.

So happy remixing!   
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