Spotify RMX FAQ

Why are we doing this?

For several reasons:
We want to expand our artist base and are looking for new talents
We are very curious what you do with our tracks.
We want to involve as many musicians as possible, because only together we have a chance against the algorithms and the market power of the big corporations.

What should the track be like?
Best 1 to 4 minutes long, 320mbit mp3, wav or flac format in good sound quality. The original track should still be recognizable, otherwise you have all liberties. If necessary, we can also do the mastering – of course free of charge for you.

Can we have Stems of the Track?
Sorry, not now. As we will end up with over 100 Tracks, free for remixing, We’d have to produce hundreds of Stems. Maybe we will do it for new Tracks in the Future but not now.
Use your Equalizer and Gate as knives – I’m shure you know how.

How about wav?
Most of our Tracks on SC are 320mbit mp3’s. If you prefer wav-format write us: and we send you a link.

How to name the track?
Original track title + your name (or project name) + RMX.
Please add a link to the original track in Soundcloud Track Textfield.

Where and when to publish?
You can publish the track on Soundcloud. Free Download, Creative Commons option as ours. Please let us know beforehand, then we will add it to our SC paylist from the beginning and push it through our SC accounts as far as we can. Also in SC it is important to get as many interactions as possible with a new track – plays, likes, comments in as short a time as possible to be included in SC official playlists.

! Publishing needs !
As we are designing a Booklet for the release we need some Data about you and your Track. Also your soc. media connections. and a few pictures. See our last Booklet „Diversity Disappears Remixes“ to get the idea how it’ll look like. This booklet goes to all blogs and radiostations and everyone has one Page in it. Its a good idea to send all together in a zip-file including the track (320mbit mp3, flac or wav) to 

We have been dealing with Spotify for some time now. The most important thing is that a new track reaches 1000 plays as fast as possible and as many as possible who follow it. Then the algorithms of Spotify will automatically transfer the track into one or more automated playlists. Only then will playlist curators become aware of it and add it to their lists.

You can play the album with your track on all your devices as often as you want but:

Never buy plays or try to push the track with other illegal means.
Never let just one track run for hours, always the whole album or a Playlist.

You don’t have to pay for Spotify, the free version is sufficient.

Your new Spotify account
We tag your track with you as a featured artist. Spotify will then create a passive account for you. You can listen to your tracks and follow them and you as an Artist. If your track is successful, you can make an active account out of it at any time or we take you into our labelaccount and share the revenue with you.

Our Promotion for your Track
We don’t Publish to spotify only. Your Track will be on all bigger Downloadsites worldwide (more than 700!). We also Publish to a Pool, where all public and many private european Television and Radiostations get their Tracks from and inform them all about your new Album/Track. We do that before publishing on Spotify to give them a change to be the first to play or write about it. This is very important because every track is „brandnew“ only for a short time…

What else do we do?
In our Members only area we offer you many tools, addresses of blogs, influencers, online radio stations, lotsa tips and legal tricks about Pushing a Track, Mastering, Video and more to help you make your tracks successful. We are very active in this cause your success is our success, too 🙂
Free Access is given to all who publish a track with us.

Cooperation is the most important thing!
The „work“ on Spotify is done quickly. Follow everyone involved in the album, „download“ the tracks and the album. It doesn’t take 2 minutes but it’s extremely important. Just the „download“ shows Spotify that you are „really“ interested in the album, which is highly rated by the algorithms. And then you should play it frequently, your grandma, your friends, your Hamster and as many others as possible.

..More Questions?

We’re not everyday on soundcloud so best contact us via