Normally I don’t advertise products here that cost money. But what is normal…
I’m playing with these kontakt instruments and a monome since christmas 🙂

These HomeGrown Group Buy is amazing! Not only for the pure number of cool musical toys you end up with for the price of a Pizza. They built really unique instruments with infinite possibilities. Very well crafted with lots of randomization features. In the video you hear and see one of it – Circular a Synthesizer based on Cycling Waveforms per step including an Advanced Arpeggiator…
If you’re working with Kontakt this is an absolute no Brainer!!

What HomeGrown say about their Group Buy:
13 Kontakt Instruments developed exclusively during/for this Group Buy
6 Bonus Product Tokens which can be used to choose a product from the back Catalogue. Over 50 Products to choose from. Even if you don’t use Kontakt the Group Buy is worthwhile to get this rare opportunity to get 5 products for $19.99.
Levels are unlocked as more people sign up.
Everything with a tick is available to download/exchange now.
As last years participants know, it is a fluid process and so the ideas are not set in Stone, and may change slightly by the time I get to developing them. Last year some good ideas came from members on the Forum thread.

Once a level is reached the product will be available to download assuming it is completed. Last year I managed to have everything ready for each stage as the Group Buy ran at a steady enough pace. I estimate there is about 3 months work involved to build all of the instruments.

The Group Buy costs just $19.99 to join and you get everything ticked below immediately.
HomeGrown’s Group buy is only a few days left.
Find it here: