Cover : My Life As a Ghost of Bush

This is a very special Album. Its about the Bush years and is very Jazzy with a bit of Rock (little Bit). George wasn’t a great President, not even a not so great – but his voice is pretty good for Ambient Music. With his voice he quietens the Americans  and lulls them to sleep for a long dark Time. Listen to „Serious Sirius“, my ambient Favourite on this Album then u know what I mean.




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  • 109:41Mission
  • 207:31Citizen Soldiers
  • 306:36Friendz
  • 405:35People Believe
  • 506:24Education
  • 610:08Serious Sirius
  • 705:28Double Babies
  • 804:46Stop Thinking
  • 906:48Dadspoke Warmix