Cover : Electronic Tantra Fushimushi Meditation II

2012 I released Electronic Tantra Fushimushi Meditation II, also a mix of  Dub, Lounge and House. My Favourites are Wandervogel and Unhip. As Arndt Menke says in his Review, nice Music for Painting and all other creative Arts “ …something that provides a stimulating and intriguing set of tones to the background noise going on in my head“

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  • 109:40G-Island
  • 204:16Frenulum
  • 305:23Mocca Robber
  • 407:19Later
  • 507:48Wandervogel
  • 605:10Unknown
  • 711:20Unhip
  • 803:22Bocci
  • 913:45Bobogo