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FRONTEX – Uschi Gras in Dub

Uschis contribution to G. Gras upcoming new Album “Europa” “Two pretty different views on Frontex and Triton: Fabrice Leggeri, Frontex Executive Director and Kristina Winberg, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group. …and…


2 neue Remixe

Gaston Sobalvarro, besser bekannt als Gasrock und Landesvatter haben 2 unserer Tracks auseinandergelegt und neu zusammengeschraubt. Ruhige Klänge für heiße Tage.


Hamburger Mädchen

This is something special for you my friends. Werner „Zappi“ Diermaier and Jean-Hervé Péron were so kind and gave me the Material of a never finnished Faust Session. Besides Zappi on drums and Jean-Hervé…