2009 – Electronic Tantra Fushimushi I




“Tuh Pa Warez „Bulbo“
Some of you may be wondering when I’ll ever get back to posting „regular“ music… If you’re one of those who can’t understand or at least appreciate something outside of your immediate pop-culture comfort zone, I really don’t have much to say to you. This is the type of tune that I love to listen to when I’m writing or working on a painting; something that provides a stimulating and intriguing set of tones to the background noise going on in my head. Respect to Tuh Pa Warez from Deutschland, putting together some of the deepest Dub sounds out today. ”
— Arndt Menke, ALM Originals Art Design and Apparel



The videos are 6 years old …always wanted to render them in a higher resolution, perfect job for a rainy day

… if there wheren’t so many other perfect jobs you have to do first