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Donald’s Trumps Video

New Links and a Cartoon Musicvideo. Donald’s Trumps is made of one Image and a lot of Gold. My Friend Piot painted it a while ago. I then animated the Painting with a free…


We’re on UK Radio :-)

Thx my Friends, great to be in your Radioshow! Loose Lips is a diverse musical collective. – Events (across the UK) – Label (looselips123.bandcamp.com) – Music Box Radio (Every Monday, 5-7pm UK time) –…


„Life in USA“ neue Compilation

    Mit dabei sind:  Idkwutimdoing, Michika, Ghost of a Kid, Gasrok & Mckenic, Conrad Knorr, Jamss, Gasrok & Tomc, Waffensupermarkt & Suse Michel, Cloudbuster und natürlich Tuh Pa Warez. Nach dem traurigen Ende der US-Wahlen haben wir beschlossen, das Album zu…