G. Gras: Lullaby for Warchilds

Guitar, Cello and E-Piano only,
This track is made to get you into the mood to donate a little money
for the children in the Middle East and all others who have to life in wartime.

Hope it works…



Compilation Album: „Life in USA“

As a Reaction to the US Election we decided
to give away our new Album „Life in USA“ for free!
It’s a zipped file including Album and Booklet.

Download g+ or Mediafire

In there is also a Link to the Booklet only.



Press Kit „Life in Europe“



Hamburger Mädchen

This is something special for you my friends.
Werner „Zappi“ Diermaier and Jean-Hervé Péron were so kind and gave me the Material of a never finnished
Faust Session. Besides Zappi on drums and Jean-Hervé on Guitar there was singing and jodeling swiss Vocalist
Karin Meier – also on Stage a brilliant Sax, a Flute and a Trompet played by Cathy (?) and male Vocals by an
very famous hungarian Artist…

So I mangled all a bit, changed some coordinates in space-time continuum and tried to archaize all to nice,
voluptuousness Forms. Out came „Hamburger Mädchen“.

Free Download – Thank u all!

Be warned – this is not for the faint-hearted.
Listen loud recommended 🙂


G. Gras

Hamburger Mädchen – Faust – G. Grasmix.part1
Hamburger Mädchen – Faust – G. Grasmix.part2

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